Client PRWS | Accounting

“We’re electricians, we don’t want to be accountants too.” The words of Lynne Williams, Director of CW Electrical (Bristol) Ltd from Almondsbury, just outside of Bristol. Since appointing PRWS as its accountants, CWE has been able to concentrate on solving its customers’ electrical problems, and not worry about its accounting.

The company had used other accountants in the past. “It was”, say Lynne, “a perfect example of how not to do accounting. Once a year I’d literally take a shopping bag full of receipts and invoices to their offices, and eventually they’d come back to me with a report and accounts, and ask me to sign them off.”

PRWS has changed all that. CWE now meets its accountant monthly, keeping everything in good order. Lynne has up-to-date, relevant information quickly and easily available. If there’s anything that needs discussion or explanation, she just rings PRWS for advice. 

“It’s personal service,” says Lynne, “We both know that the other is only a phone call away and the traffic is two way. I can ask for advice or clarification.

PRWS calls if we need reminding that something needs to be done or if it has spotted an opportunity to organise things more effectively for tax or for profit.” 

Would Lynne recommend PRWS as an accountant to other businesses in the Bristol area? “Yes, definitely, without hesitation!” she replies.