To help you reaching your goals, our specialist in marketing and communication is there to support you. 

Understanding your finances is the most important step for a business owner; it gives you the root elements to develop your company. However, you might not know where to start to push further your business or you might need a hand. We are proud to offer you the possibility to work with our marketing and communication specialist, Marie-Pier. We aim to help your business succeed by providing you all of the tools you need to seize the opportunities.

Understanding the reality of small businesses, Marie-Pier will develop a plan that suits your needs and your budget. She will help you setting priorities and strategy for you. Her previous experiences in marketing and communication make her the best to support you with internal communication, organizing staff or clients events  and optimizing your digital presence via your website and social media. 

With PRWS you have the perfect toolbox to run a successful business!

We can support you with:

  • Building marketing strategy

  • Creating or optimizing websites

  • Management of social media accounts

  • Organisation of events and workshops

  • Support with internal communication

  • Writing newsletters and blog posts

  • And much more

Contact her now to discuss your needs and establish the appropriate marketing strategy for you !