Client PRWS | Business Advisor Bristol

“When we launched, we wanted an accountant that would add value. PRWS pitched on its ability to act as our Finance Department, saving us the employment overhead. That’s what made PRWS stand out.” They’re the words of Tom Hallam-Eames, founder and CEO of Toro Corporation. Toro develops and sells tensioned fabric shelters and modular buildings to industrial, agricultural and government clients around the world.

Tom has a good understanding of finance and accounts but is busy growing his business. He needed an accounting partner in whom he could have complete confidence. When Tom started Toro he met with a number of different accountants, but there were good reasons to select PRWS. “The location is good, we’re only a mile or two apart. PRWS is a similar size to us, so has empathy with my business. The main reason, though, is that the firm talked about how it could act as our financial department.”

Toro uses accountancy software Xero, which communicates directly with PRWS. When either party makes an entry on Xero, it’s immediately available to the other. “It was,” says Tom, “a journey to find the most suitable system.

I was impressed that PRWS took this journey with us, helping us find the perfect system for our bookkeeping and accounts.”

Tom is impressed with the personal service that PRWS offers. He knows that he can ring at any time about anything and he does so. Going beyond the strictly business relationship, PRWS helped Tom apply for a personal loan, and handles his personal accounts for taxation.

“If there other Somerset and Avon start-ups looking for proactive accountancy support, almost at the in-house level, then I’d be happy to suggest they consider PRWS,” says Tom.