Why do you need an accountant for your business?

why do you need an accountant

5 reasons why you need an accountant

1. Gives you time to focus on your business

As the person in charge of your business, your main task is to make money and grow your company. For that, you have to manage your employees, meet clients, deliver a service, make sure you get payed for it, network to gain new clients ... On top of that you also need to take care of your books, payroll, year-end account, tax, etc. All of those tasks are time consuming and your time is crucial. 

An accountant will be able to help you with those tasks and let you focus on your business, because this is your priority. They have the knowledge and the team to take care of your finance and during that time you will be able to focus on what you love and develop your business to make it a success !

2. Is an expert in finance

You are an excellent cook or a great hairdresser, a good carpenter or an awesome plumber… whatever your business is, you are an expert in your field, like accountants are. They studied and passed tons of exams to become a chartered accountant and that is why they are the best qualified people to help you with your finance. Their knowledge will make sure you don't miss any tax allowances from the government that you may be entitled to, any important opportunities and that your business is on the right track. Their expertise will help you reach your goals !

3. Makes sure you pay the right amount of tax and on time

You are working hard to earn money, let’s not give it all to the government ! Accountants are specialists in finance and their role is to keep up to date with the rules of taxation. A good accountant knows where you can save and will make sure you benefit from it. Because it is their passion, the accountant will make sure you pay only the tax that you need to and will do it on time. 

4. Will make you save money 

You think an accountant is expensive? If your accountant is taking time to understand you and your business, they will be able to identify areas where you could save and be more efficient. As mentionned above, they are an expert in their field. Therefore, they will be able to advise you and give you some tips based on your numbers to save and make money and make your business prosper. 

5. Helps your business succeed

Accountants who go deeper and want you to succeed will take the time to know you and know where you want to go; they will meet you routinely; they will offer you services like forecasting, budgeting and management accounts to keep an eye on your finance and they will of course advise you based on those previous services.

A proactive accountant doesn’t want you to base all your business decisions on last year‘s accounts, he wants you to be able to face challenges and prosper with the timely knowledge of where your numbers are. That is exactly what PRWS as accountants and business advisers do. We keep an eye on your numbers and we make them talk. We always make sure you have in-hand the information to take decisions and to bring your business to the next level. 

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